big news!

We have some news! I'm 28 weeks pregnant with our rainbow baby -- due March 26. Mentally I'm feeling pretty good, a little anxious and I'm sure that will get more so as I get closer to the due date, and especially at the weeks 33/34 when we lost Ronnie. Physically, this pregnancy has been very hard. The nausea lasted until 20 weeks, with occasional throwing up even as of two days ago. I'm having back and groin pain for my pelvic bone expanding, and overall I just feel very large and uncomfortable! Luckily I'm in the third trimester today, so hoping the next couple months goes by fast. I'm so grateful to be pregnant so I really don't want to complain, and every time I feel this baby kick, I say a "thank you" to Jesus. I know Ruthie will be the best big sister. She is convinced it's a girl, but we aren't finding out the gender. Cheers to a great 2020! 

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