big announcement!

Matt, Ruthie, and I have a big announcement....I'm pregnant!

Ruthie will be a big sister in May! I'm 13 weeks along, and hopefully at the end of throwing up, nausea, bloating, fatigue, and overall bleh feeling. With Ruthie I was sick from 6 - 16 weeks, but this feels worse because of having to take care of a 1 year old!

We told my family when my sister was in town since we were all together. We told Matt's family last weekend when we were up there. Everyone was really excited!

My preference was for my kids to be two grades apart, like my family was. They will be 27 months apart. We are really happy to be expanding our family! :-)

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Kerry Schultz said...

congratulations on such a big news. i really pray that these months go in a jiffy for you. keep us updated with all of it, i would love to read about it. keep us updated