colleen's wedding recap!

My sister Colleen got married in Whistler, Canada over Memorial Day weekend. It was such a fun time and I'm so happy for her and her husband Sanjay!

I dropped Ruthie off in Helen, Ga with Matt's parents on the Monday before the wedding. On Tuesday we flew to Vancouver after a layover in Toronto. We stayed at an Airbnb that I booked for all of us. I have never stayed in one but it was a good experience over all. On Wednesday morning we drove in a rental car two hours to Whistler. Whistler is a cute ski village in British Columbia. Colleen and Sanjay picked that destination because they have always had fun skiing there. You can also walk everywhere, which was convenient with all the wedding events we attended (six events!).

Wednesday night we had dinner with Sanjay's immediate family. It was good to bond with them before everyone else arrived for the wedding. On Thursday night we attended the Mendhi, which is sort of an Indian "stag" party but the whole family and wedding party was there. We got Henna tattoos on our hands, ate Indian food, and listened to Indian music.

Sanjay grew up in Pennsylvania, but his parents are from India, so on Friday there was a Hindu ceremony. I've never been to one, so it was neat to see how other religions do marriage ceremonies. Friday night was the Welcome Dinner. It was fun to see everyone in what was sort of a "prequel" wedding reception.

The wedding ceremony and reception Saturday was beautiful! The weather was great, and the dancing was so fun! My nephew Myer walked down the aisle with the rings, and my mom, Matt and my brother-in-law Chris all did a reading. Colleen's best friend Kelly officiated the wedding, which was a surprise to everyone (including her parents) so that was really special.

The last event we had was the brunch on Sunday at a park nearby. I was so exhausted at that point, but it was good to say goodbye to everyone. It was a great week, but I was happy to pick up Ruthie when we got home! She was at Matt's parents for eight whole days!!

I think the wedding weekend was exactly what Colleen and Sanjay were wanting, and it was perfect!


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Hey these photos are stunning. I truly loved both the ceremonies. At the domestic event space in NYC one of my friends is also tying the knot. There will also be Hindu wedding followed by Christian ceremony. I am just so excited for it.

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The wedding service and gathering Saturday was excellent! The climate was extraordinary, and the moving was so fun! My nephew Myer strolled down the passageway with the rings, and my mother, Matt and my brother by marriage Chris all did a perusing. Colleen's Halal food restaurant in london closest companion Kelly administered the wedding, which was an amazement to everybody (counting her folks) so that was truly uncommon

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