checking in on my 2017 new year's resolutions

1. Look at my phone less and play with my daughter more. Eh, still working on this. 

2. Run more. Train for a half marathon (I signed up for one in June! Eeek!). Going well! I did my marathon and I'm running twice a week.

3. Cook more and start eating dinner at the kitchen table and not in front of the TV. Going well! I've been using Hello Fresh and love it! Because the meals are more "fancy" than what I was cooking before, we sit at the kitchen table.

4. Make a profit from Merry Prints. Not there yet. Dang taxes. :-(

5. Stop talking negative about my appearance. Doing better. Trying to get in the habit before Ruthie can understand what I'm saying.

6. Meditate every day. See if this helps my insomnia. I am reading the Bible every day and sitting still for 10 minutes. But sometimes I miss a day here and there.

7. Offer prayer (out loud) for more people. Doing better on this. Practice makes perfect!


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