my life lately

This weekend I am taking Ruthie to see my grandmother in New York. My mom is going with me, but I'm still nervous about the flight and other logistics like getting the car seat in!! (Matt does it a lot better than me) I hope it will be a good trip, even though it may be a little sad (we are going to help my grandmother pack because she is moving to an assisted living place soon). 

Other than that, things have been ok. Busy, but ok. Matt's job at King of Pops is really picking up since its almost spring. My mom got a cute puppy named Matilda, though she may be a bit too much "puppy" for her.

My sister Colleen's wedding is in two months. I designed the wedding invitations -- I will post them on the blog later. The wedding is in Whistler, BC. We are going to leave Ruthie with Matt's parents in the mountains. We will be gone almost a week! I know we will miss her a lot.

My other sister Kathleen and her husband Chris sold their house half a mile away, and built a house on our street! It will be so fun to be five houses down from them. It is beautiful and I'm totally getting house envy.

I started training today for a half marathon I'm doing with Chris on June 10th. I'm nervous about it, but hopefully if I stick to the training pretty much, I won't collapse during the race! 

Life is busy, but good! Here are some photos of my life right now:


13 months

Ruthie Girl has taken one step! She is still napping twice a day, although they have been shortened from two hours to 1.5 hours. She can raise her hands in the air when you ask her how big she is. When you say "blow a kiss" she makes a noise with her hand -- it's so cute! Her crawling is on point! She is so fast. She loves antagonizing Maebe :-). She is loving her books -- flipping through the pages like she knows how to read!