my baby is 1!

I can't believe it's been a whole year since Ruthie graced us with her presence. She has brought us so much laughter and joy and love in these past twelve months. She is now standing by herself (only for a few minutes), eats pretty much everything, and says a few words like "uh-oh" and "dada" Matt swears she said "mama" one day but I missed it! She is an overall happy baby (despite current teething) and laughs a lot. We enjoy our daily walks, and our daily baths too! She loves chasing Maebe around, and bothering her while she's trying to eat. :-)

She celebrated her one year birthday by getting dedicated at our church. It was so sweet. Matt spoke in front of the church about how she was named after four strong, faithful women: Mary and Ruth from the Bible, my mom Mary, and Matt's grandmother Mary Ruth. She got to enjoy a smash cake and had tons of people there to celebrate her!