2016 new year's resolutions: recap

Wrapping up 2016, I like to look back at my year to see how I handled my resolutions. Here we go! 2017 Resolution post coming soon.

1. Enjoy my new baby. Priority #1!

I feel like I did this pretty well! I love being able to work from home so I can hang out with her.
2. Get in better financial shape. Get better about sticking to a budget! Get more involved with our money in general, start investing.

Matt and I are on the same page about our finances and are slowing trimming down our debt!

3. Figure out job stuff. Find something I like that will help our family our financially; whether it's full time or part time or freelance.

I am working part time from home for Zercher Realty Partners, and I started an Etsy shop Merry Print.

4. Decide if we are going to move or not.

We were able to lower our mortgage with a refinance so we are staying put!

5. Get in better workout routine. Walk Maebe more, take barre classes, run one 5K and one 10K.

I still walk Maebe almost every day, but had to cut gym classes this year. I did one 5K this summer. I did not do the Gobble Jog 10K to save money. On average I only ran once a week.

6. Get on a better food schedule. Cook more, eat out less, eat better.

Still a struggle for us. Since we are trying to save money, we usually do "grab n growl" nights, where you just find something to eat in the house! We only eat out once a week and spend $25 at the restaurant. Didn't really cook that much more.

7. Volunteer in the community. I would like to start reading to people at nursing/disability homes.

I started volunteering at the retirement home here, either reading or playing trivia games.

8. Do a better job of cleaning my house. 

We got a Roomba which I LOVE! So this helps. I'm still not great at cleaning the bathrooms a normal amount.

9. Read more than I watch TV.

I have been reading so much! I try not to have the TV on when Ruthie is awake, so I will read on the couch while she plays. I still read every night before bed. But I still watch more TV than read.

10. Learn to fight more fair with Matt.

I think we have gotten better about this. We still fight about the same things though. :-)