big announcement!!

I'm starting a business! It's called Merry Prints, and it's an Etsy shop where I'll be selling prints that I have designed. 

I have been wanting to do something like this for awhile, so I'm excited that I had a deadline (Christmas shopping season) to make me actually do it! 

The prints will come in three different sizes (5x7, 8x10, 11x14), or you can buy a digital copy of those three sizes for just $4. I will continue to do freelance projects as well, for an hourly rate.

Here are a couple of the prints, but I encourage you to check out my shop here. And please follow me on Facebook/Instagram, @MerryPrints.

Thank you for your support!!


9 month photos

We made it to 9 months! Ruthie is ALMOST crawling, but she can definitely get across the room! She is eating chopped fruit and Cheerios now, so widening her pallet. Still sleeping through the night, but her naps are not as restful. It takes her longer to fall asleep too. She weighed 18 pounds at her checkup, and was in the 54th for weight, 99% for height, and 91% for head size. She is close to make coherent words. We love the bucket swings, and our daily walks. :-)


let's talk about MLMs (aka pyramid schemes)

I have been asked before if I wanted to join certain multi-level marketing companies. You've seen them before -- they're usually selling some kind of health products. They thrive on their distributors getting more distributors, who get more distributors (picture a pyramid structure). 

The problem with these companies, is that it's really hard to make money if you're a distributor. They target stay at home moms wanting to make a little extra dough by promising them "You can work from home in your pjs!" But the employees have to spend a lot of upfront money buying the products. Then there is a surplus of all these products (that not many people want to buy anyway) and WAY too many distributors for them! Because remember, the more people you recruit to sell them, the more money you allegedly make. 

So who is making the money? Only the people at the very top! They live ridiculous lifestyles and are treated like cult members at the conventions. I think the whole thing is sad and I agree with John Oliver here by saying #thisisapyramidscheme.