ruthie's nursery photos

Better late than never right? Actually I was waiting for the final touch to Ruthie's nursery -- a painting by my very talented niece Mary Grace. We love it so much!

Because we didn't know Ruthie's gender before the delivery, I went with gray and yellow for the colors (to be honest, I probably would have still done yellow instead of pink). My friend Kandice gave me the cute signs that say Be Brave Little One, and You Are Our Greatest Adventure. 

On the shelf is a music box and teacup that I had when I was a baby. My mom gave those to me at my baby shower.

My brother-in-law built the changing table for my nephew, Myer. I love how it has the little compartments to hold everything she needs, and the milk crates I registered for fit perfectly underneath to hold the diapers. It's a big changing table and a small room, but it fit perfectly in the closet.

I wanted my dad to be present in the room, so I put his old guitar that he gave to me in there, as well as a framed photo of him. I want her to know how great of a man her Pop Pop was.

I love this little nursery, and I hope Ruthie grows to love her room too!

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