girls trip to chatt-town

This weekend I am going on a girls weekend (again!) to Chattanooga. It was a last minute thing, but five of our friends ended up being able to go! Last time we went to Chattanooga, it was to celebrate me and my friend Ashley being pregnant at the same time (our babies are four days apart :-). This time we are celebrating our friend Sarah Jean, who is pregnant with her second, by doing a gender reveal! I've never been to one before.

I will try to do better and post photos of our trip this time! California pics coming soon...


ruthie's 7 month photos

Ruthie's "activeness" has really increased this month! She is grabbing at everything and learning new textures, both with eating and in general. She started sitting up, and is almost crawling. She is eating lots of veggies, lentils, and still loves fruit the best. She likes blowing bubbles with her mouth and keeps us entertained with her silly noises. Still sleeping through the night, Ruthie is still on two 2 hour naps and then a 30 minute catnap at the end of the day. We love you so much you silly girl!