first solid foods

I recently starting giving Ruthie solids. So far she likes the fruit, sweet potatoes, pumpkin, and peas I have given her, but she doesn't like the cereal or carrots I tried. The avocado is a hit or miss.

Here are some funny pics of the messes she makes! (carrots, cereal, blueberries :-)


luggage you can ride on

Have you seen this? Modobag is a cool new way to travel. You can sit on your carry-on luggage and it will take you through the airport. So neat!


checking in on my 2016 new year's resolutions

Now that 2016 is halfway over (holy cow!) I wanted to track my progress on my resolutions. I put a :-) if I'm on track, a :-/ face if I'm somewhat on track, and a :-( if I'm not on track.

1. Enjoy my new baby. Priority #1! :-)

2. Get in better financial shape. Get better about sticking to a budget! Get more involved with our money in general, start investing. :-(

3. Figure out job stuff. Find something I like that will help our family our financially; whether it's full time or part time or freelance. :-)

4. Decide if we are going to move or not. :-)

5. Get in better workout routine. Walk Maebe more, take barre classes, run one 5K and one 10K. :-)

6. Get on a better food schedule. Cook more, eat out less, eat better. :-/

7. Volunteer in the community. I would like to start reading to people at nursing/disability homes. :-(

8. Do a better job of cleaning my house. :-/

9. Read more than I watch TV. :-(

10. Learn to fight more fair with Matt. :-/


destin round two

After such a great vacation in Destin, I feel a little spoiled saying I went back to Destin for the Fourth of July. This time Matt and I went sans baby, with our friends. Besides having to pump five times a day to keep up my milk supply, I had a great time! Here are some pics:


ruthie's 5 month pics

Sweet Ruthie is five months today! She is flipping on both her back and tummy, grabbing objects (like Maebe's fur), tracking movements with her eyes, and she recognizes our voices on the phone. We started giving her avocado, sweet potatoes, and rice cereal. She is still sleeping through the night, PTL! She loves her jump jump and still enjoys her swing. Her first bottom tooth came in, and she is dealing with the teething by sucking her thumb now. We think she will crawl early because she looks like she wants to be on the move so badly!