ruthie visits king of pops

We took Ruthie down to see Dad at his King of Pops office! Then we walked down the Beltline to Jeni's ice cream at Krog Street Market! She wanted that ice cream so bad :-(.


what's been on my mind

Listening | Acoustic Covers playlist on Spotify
Watching | Mad Men with Matt, and Gilmore Girls by myself
Reading | Hope Heals by Katherine and Jay Wolf
Eating | Lots of veggies from our new garden, Ezekiel break with natural peanut butter, and ice cream and donuts (keepin' it real)
Drinking | Water, cider beer, and Shock Top Honey Apple Wheat
Wearing | Non-maternity clothes (except for my jeans)
Feeling | Challenged. I started back at work last week (part time, from home)
Wanting | Motivation to start cleaning the house more
Needing | My mom's neighborhood pool to open (boo for mold in the guy's bathroom)
Thinking | About how sweet my husband treated me for Mother's Day
Enjoying | My sweet Ruthie girl as she gets more of a personality!


i needed to see this today

With the looming threat of ISIS and other extreme Muslim terrorists, it's easy to get down. I need to remember that God is above it all, including the faiths of other people all over the world. This is an amazing story about a Muslim man that converted to Christianity, and in turn converted his whole family too.


ruthie is 3 months!

Ruthie has been so much this past months. She is smiling a lot, and is almost ready to laugh! She can track our movements with our eyes, which is really neat. It also means I'm going to start turning off the TV more, because she has started watching it when we have it on! She is holding her head up great, it's just a little wobbly. She is discovering her feet and hands and swinging them all around!