39 week update!

If you missed my 38 week update, find it here.

How Far Along: 39 weeks!

Gender: Waiting to find out.

Baby Size: Mini watermelon.

Total Weight Gain: 33 pounds.

Maternity Clothes: All maternity clothes!

Sleep: Hardly at all!

Miss Anything: Getting up with ease. Walking without having to pee.

Cravings: Cold water and desserts.

Symptoms: A couple Braxton Hicks last Sunday, soreness, and some nerve pains in my groin. 

Belly Button/Body Changes: I don't feel like my stomach can stretch anymore! Belly button popped out a little bit. I took me ring off too, because my hands (and feet) are a tiny bit swollen.

Mood: Feeling more and more ready to meet this baby!

Exercise: Took Maebe on a mini walk. Poor thing.

Looking Forward to: Matt doing finishing touches to the nursery this weekend!

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