2015 new year's resolution: recap

1. Get in better all around shape. Kind of a weird year, since I got pregnant in May, and felt sick for 16 weeks. I started barre classes, but when I threw up in middle of class, I figured I should postpone it until post-baby!

2. Get in a better "food" routine. This didn't really change that much. Again, I blame it on being pregnant. Nothing I could cook was anything I wanted to eat. :-(

3. Travel with Matt. Success! We didn't do the North-Pacific trip, but we had an awesome babymooniversary, I went to LA, we went to the beach with our friends, and we went to my grandmother's lake house for Labor Day. We also went on a cruise in February.

4. Get more involved in my community. Didn't really do much this year (but have plans for next year!)

5. Run two 10Ks and one 5K. I ran one 5k before getting pregnant. I was sick before I was showing, and then running became difficult after I was showing.

6. Navigate the struggle with family boundaries. Success! I think I did a lot better this year.

7. Be a better wife. Hopefully I did better this year?!

8. Learn to listen to what God is telling me. Still a struggle for me.

9. Finish The Message in chronological order. Success!

10. Stop talking bad about my appearance. I am getting better, and especially with the realization I might have a daughter soon, it's a big priority to me.

11. Create a brand and website for my freelance graphic design company. Didn't do this one. I started a Tumblr site, but I don't know if graphic design is really my thing. I don't want to spend the time on a website until I'm sure it is.

12. Keep pushing towards minimalism. Success! 

13. Learn to say no to things without coming up with a fake excuse. I think I did better at this this year.

14. Watch less TV. Given all I wanted to do after work for four months when I was sick was watch TV, this one was definitely a failure.

15. Figure out Anderson baby timing! :-) Success! Baby Anderson due Jan. 31!

16. Figure out why I'm not sleeping well. A sleep study is still too expensive for us (our insurance doesn't cover it), but I am falling asleep faster by turning off screens earlier, taking a shower to decompress, and reading in bed for about 30 minutes before lights off.

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