22 week update

If you missed my 21 week update, find it here.

How Far Along: 22 weeks 

Gender: Waiting to find out 

Baby Size: Spaghetti squash

Total Weight Gain: 13 pounds

Maternity Clothes: Jeans and one shirt. I'm trying to wear my dresses before it gets too cold.

Sleep: It's been really bad this week! I still haven't given up on the Snoogle pillow, but my arms get numb from being on my side the whole night.

Miss Anything: Not having to pee every hour, sleep.

Cravings: Somewhat sweets, but that's really all the time. Luckily Matt bought me cookies and cream ice cream. :-)

Symptoms: I'm eating more and more meat! Haven't thrown up since last Sunday with the carrot incident.

Belly Button/Body Changes: I'm realizing normal movements I did before, like leaning forward in the car, are a little harder now.

Mood: Feeling frustrated about not sleeping.

Exercise: Lifting 8 lb weights, walking Maebe, and still trying to take a break from the computer at work by walking around the parking lot. Ran one mile.

Looking Forward to: Matt hopefully finishing painting the nursery this weekend!

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