stop trying to fix your friends

I read an article recently that really spoke to me. In "Stop Trying to Fix Your Friends" Ashley Abramson talks about how her strengths of Woo and Empathy (which are in my top five strengths according the Strength Finders), often find her meddling too much in her friends' lives. 

I feel like I have a tendency to do the same things, especially the part about wanting to intertwine my friends groups. Sometimes it works out great, like when I set up two couples who are now married. But I probably need to be cautious of it in general.

Here is a highlight that stuck out to me:
I wanted more overlap, more easy access points and a clever way to find a place into others’ lives without the work. 
What I packaged as my signature strengths of “woo” and “empathy” twisted into my signature weakness. My desperate need for instantly gratifying, mutually understanding friendships began to raid other people’s lives. 
As we get older, community gets harder. Friendships came easy in college, when nearly every thread of our lives were woven together by place and life phase. But as we step into the rest of life, the Venn Diagrams of our lives intersect less and less. 
To read the full article, see here

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