my beach essentials

I'm going to Destin tomorrow! Woohoo! I'm so ready for some relaxing beach time. In honor of my trip, this week's Trendy Tuesday with be stuff I plan on bringing with me.


sweet father-daughter tradition

I thought this story was so sweet! A UK dad and his daughter share a birthday, and this year he turns 32 and she turns 7. So they combined the ages and decided to do 39 random acts of kindness! They even want to start a tradition and do these acts of kindness every year. What a great example of a dad!

To read the full story, click here.


my interesting conversation with a wrong number

One thing I love about texting is you can save funny or memorable conversations with people. Here are three of my recent text exchanges with friends and family:


women in sports

I saw this clip online and thought it was spot one! Weird seeing Amy Poehler with brown hair, but I have to say, she pulls it off well.