that time my whole family was sick

March has been a pretty weird month. First of all, Matt got sick with gastroenteritis, the stomach bug that's been going around our town. And then he gave it to me. I ended up at the ER because the pain was so bad I was hyperventilating. They told me I also had gastroenteritis, and that I also had a UTI. This part was weird because I didn't notice any symptoms for a UTI.

Then my dad got the stomach bug, and started having trouble breathing, even after the stomach bug was gone. He was at the hospital for about a week, and it was not looking good for awhile. He came home, but is on oxygen, and doing hospice at my parent's house. 

Then I started getting sick again, thinking it was the stomach bug back at it. I had planned our company launch party the day after I started feeling sick, so I knew my body had to pull it together for this event. And it did. For the most part. I was sick all day, but then it somewhat stopped before the party and I didn't feel sick again until the end of the night. 

The next day I was in so much pain and my mom took me to the ER. They admitted me and I spent three nights there with a C Diff. diagnosis. If you've never heard of it (I only had because Matt had it in college) C Diff. a bacterial infection in your intestines, and and the results are severe diarrhea, abdominal pain, and nausea until the antibiotics are strong enough to defeat the bacteria. It's common to get C Diff is you have a weak immune system (maybe from visiting my dad at the hospital that week) and from being on an antibiotic (which I was because of the UTI).

To top the month off, both of my sisters and my nephew were sick too! But I'm happy to report that everyone is back at their own home now, and no longer sleeping in a hospital bed. 

All that to say, I'm not too sad that March is over. It was pretty rough. But I'm so thankful for the great friends I have who are so supportive of me and my family..

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