guest post by matt - nonsense

rach asks me all the time to do a guest post on her blog, and much to our joint dismay, im not much of a blogger.  but she wore me down, just like i did a few years ago to trick her into marrying me.

so here i am, trying to write a blog and i have no idea what or how to do this.  do i go political and tell half of you how wrong you are (because you are just so, so wrong)?  what about a nice recipe, a life hack, or pictures of pretty suits from last weeks oscars (were those last week, why in the world would anybody watch that/care about that and why are they named after a garbage can creature)?  not sure.  on all fronts.  do i talk about how amazing rach is?  if you are reading this, then you already know all about that.  i'm into credit card churning, do you want to know about that (if so, then read these thousands of blogs about it here)?  fly fishing expertise (check out that cover model)?

i can say this.  we as a family are going through a season of change.  rach got a new job in november, and i started one this week.  its overwhelming but awesome all at the same time and both were answered prayers.  we have an awesome dog, a perfect house, plenty of socks and underwear, an electric car, and many other earthly blessings.  but more importantly we have been blessed with incredible family and friends (some who read this blog and some who dont) who constantly support us, guide us and love on us.

yall are awesome.  yall are my best friends.


ps-this is what olympic divers look like in the air

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