2015 new year's resolutions

1. Get in better all around shape. Meaning not just cardio but muscle toning too.
2. Get in a better "food" routine. This means getting over my grocery shopping hatred, and being more consistent with cooking meals. Learn more simple yet healthy recipes.
3. Travel with Matt. I really want to do a Vancouver to SF drive, a beach trip, a trip to my grandmother's lake house for the last summer before she sells the house, and maybe even another cruise. 
4. Get more involved in my community. I tutored students in a low-income area this past fall, but would love to do something like that again this year.
5. Run two 10Ks and one 5K.
6. Navigate the struggle with family boundaries. This is really hard for me!
7. Be a better wife. Because this should always be on my list.
8. Learn to listen to what God is telling me.
9. Finish The Message in chronological order.
10. Stop talking bad about my appearance.
11. Create a brand and website for my freelance graphic design company.
12. Keep pushing towards minimalism.
13. Learn to say no to things without coming up with a fake excuse. Really hard for me (and girls if I can generalize).
14. Watch less TV.
15. Figure out Anderson baby timing! :-)
16. Figure out why I'm not sleeping well.

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