is chivalry dead?

Some say chivalry is dead. I don't think it is, but I understand how men sometimes feel confused or frustrated on where the line is. "If I hope the door open for her, am I saying she can't physically open it herself?" The answer, in my opinion, is no. I am never offended if a guy offers to carry something heavy for me. But at the same time, I don't expect them to stand up when I enter the room either.

I've heard guys say, "women can't have it both ways." Either they want to be treated equally, or they want us to be chivalrous. I don't believe the two are mutually exclusive. Instead, the main point is kindness on all fronts. I think in general we should hold the door for each other, if someone is walking right behind us going through the same door. Women should open the door for me as well as the other way around. Both genders should offer to help carry something heavy if it looks like the person is struggling.

This article on CNN discusses the lines of chivalry. I think they are pretty on point with everything. They key is, as long as your have good intentions and are kind, no girl in her right frame of mind will blame you for doing something nice.


garth brooks concert

On Friday Matt and I took my dad to see Garth Brooks in downtown ATL. He hasn't toured in 18 years, and came back strong! The show was very LOUD but so much fun! Trisha Yearwood came out in the middle and did some of her hits, and then Kelly Clarkson surprised the audience and sang a couple songs with Trisha. I think my dad had a great time. Here is a video of one of my favorite Garth songs!


garth and trish

Tonight Matt and I are taking my dad to see Garth Brooks and Trisha Yearwood. I can't wait!! They have seven sold out shows in Atlanta which is crazy!

awkward wedding kisses


christian mingle

Have you seen the preview for the Christian Mingle movie? It stars Lacey Chabert (aka Claudia from Party of Five and Gretchen Weiners from Mean Girls) as an agnostic girl who goes on christianmingle.com and pretends she is a Christian to a guy she meets on the site. 

It might look a little cheesy, but also kinda funny. Which is nice to see, as opposed to the view of Christianity we are used to seeing like in this movie. Or this one. And this show.

What do you think? Would you go see it?



Praying for those that lost a loved one on this day. Hug your friends and family tight.