living with less

I really enjoyed this article about living more simply. It goes along with what I have written about before, regarding minimizing your life. 

These are the main points of the article, and what I think about them:
  • Disconnecting from consumerism. I try not to let a lot of things into our house. Also, when people come over I try to give them our stuff if I think they might want/need it, much to my husband's annoyance :-(.
  • Conquering the clutter. I have tried to organize every little space in our house. Still have a couple of areas to tackle though!
  • Finishing what you have. Before I buy anything, especially toiletries, I finish the last drop of everything. This one has always been easy for me, as I have a mom who cuts the toothpaste bottle in half just to get the last little bit out! I'm not as extreme as her, though!
  • Owning just one. I try to do this, but it's not my greatest strength.
  • Focusing on quality, not quantity. It's better to have one good thing than several so-so things. This goes to the first point, but it's easier said than done when the "so-so" stuff you are getting is free.
  • Challenging yourself. I should try what the author says, about wearing 30 pairs of clothes in 30 days.
  • Simplifying your decorating. This is me realizing I don't need a million picture frames, candle holders and vases.
What about you? Have you tried to do any of these? 

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Jenna Griffin | Gold & Bloom said...

I really need to organize our master bedroom, the craft closet, and our master closet. I keep putting it off, but it is beginning to eat me up inside. I need to do it before the school year begins!
I also need to stop buying stuff.
I hope you are enjoying your time in Ireland!!! Are you still there?