10K training plan

I have been training for my first 10K in November. My running routine used to be pretty lax, running about 1.3-1.5 miles once a week, maybe twice. Starting this year, I have tried to get more serious about running. It doesn't come naturally to me, and every time I finish I feel like I'm going to pass out. Even though I have been consistently running for the past 12 weeks, I still tend to dry heave on occasion (the action of throwing up without food coming out. And yes, it's as bad as it sounds). 

About three months ago I decided I wanted to train for a 10K near my house on Thanksgiving Day. When I say near my house, I mean I literally run in front of my house. This will be convenient if I decide to give up halfway, just kidding. Kinda. 

Here is my workout plan, if you are interested in doing a six-miler yourself. Please note this is not approved by any kind of professional. It just seems less complicated than all the ones I looked up online. 

This is my schedule, with me running 3X a week:
  • 2 miles--6 months before race
  • 2.25 miles--5 months before race
  • 2.5 miles--4.5 months before race
  • 2.75 miles--4 months before race
  • 3 miles--3.5 months before race 
  • 3.25 miles--3 months before race 
  • 3.5 miles--2 months before race 
  • 3.75 miles--1.5 months before race 
  • 4 miles--1 month before race 
  • 4.25 miles--2 weeks before race 
  • 4.5 miles--1 week before race 
  • 4.25 miles--1 month before race 
  • 4.5 miles--2 weeks before race 
Do you like to run? Do you have any tips for new runners? And training plans?

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