10K training plan

I have been training for my first 10K in November. My running routine used to be pretty lax, running about 1.3-1.5 miles once a week, maybe twice. Starting this year, I have tried to get more serious about running. It doesn't come naturally to me, and every time I finish I feel like I'm going to pass out. Even though I have been consistently running for the past 12 weeks, I still tend to dry heave on occasion (the action of throwing up without food coming out. And yes, it's as bad as it sounds). 

About three months ago I decided I wanted to train for a 10K near my house on Thanksgiving Day. When I say near my house, I mean I literally run in front of my house. This will be convenient if I decide to give up halfway, just kidding. Kinda. 

Here is my workout plan, if you are interested in doing a six-miler yourself. Please note this is not approved by any kind of professional. It just seems less complicated than all the ones I looked up online. 

This is my schedule, with me running 3X a week:
  • 2 miles--6 months before race
  • 2.25 miles--5 months before race
  • 2.5 miles--4.5 months before race
  • 2.75 miles--4 months before race
  • 3 miles--3.5 months before race 
  • 3.25 miles--3 months before race 
  • 3.5 miles--2 months before race 
  • 3.75 miles--1.5 months before race 
  • 4 miles--1 month before race 
  • 4.25 miles--2 weeks before race 
  • 4.5 miles--1 week before race 
  • 4.25 miles--1 month before race 
  • 4.5 miles--2 weeks before race 
Do you like to run? Do you have any tips for new runners? And training plans?


ireland: part 4

These photos are from Waterford and Dublin. We went to the Waterford Crystal Museum and watched them blow and etch the glass pieces. Can you believe that crystal grandfather clock? It was insane. 

Dublin was great, and we had the most free time there. We visited the library at Trinity College and saw the Book of Kells, and handwritten manuscript of the the Gospels, written by monks circa 800 AD. The writing was so detailed, it must have taken them so long!

We went to a cemetery, and saw the Christ Church Cathedral, which was beautiful. We toured the Jameson Distillery, and my mom even got to sample the whiskey and compare to Jack Daniels (American) and Johnny Walker (Scotland). At the end, they asked the tasters to say their favorite, of course wanting everyone to say Jameson. My mom was the rebel, and said the Scotch was her favorite. 


ireland: part 3

These photos are from the Ring of Kerry, Blarney and Cobh. The Ring of Kerry is a beautiful drive through one of Ireland's west coast peninsulas. We stopped at a sheep farm to see a demonstration of sheep herding with the adorable border collies. This was my favorite stop on our tour. Probably because I was majorly missing Maebe at that time. :-( We also watched a guy shear a few sheep. It looked terrifying, but apparently it doesn't hurt them.

We climbed the Blarney Castle, which was really neat. The stairs were very cramped, and my claustrophobia kicked in, but I was able to push through after waiting for the crowds to disappear. I was proud of my mom for climbing all the way to the top. I kissed the Blarney Stone, which is an old tradition and is supposed to give you eloquence. Yea right, but that's why they call it blarney (or rubbish).



I love Gregory Alan Isakov's songs. They take me somewhere magical...


ireland: part 2

These photos are from Skellig, Foynes and Killarney. We drove by a golf course and our tour director told us that all golfers had to play with two pairs of socks. Someone in our tour asked him why that was. He said in case they get a hole in one. :-) 

We saw the Foynes Flying Boat Museum, which stands in the original place of the only airport that people traveling from the Americas flew into. There they taught us to make Irish coffees. I didn't really love the taste of it, but it's cool to know how to make it I guess. 

We took a jaunting car ride through Killarney, and saw an impressive Irish dancing show called Celtic Steps.


ireland: part 1

My mom and I had a fabulous time in Ireland! The people were friendly, the weather was great, scenery gorgeous, and I would highly recommend our tour company, CIE Tours. We flew into Shannon, went down and around the southern part of the country and left out of Dublin.

Here are photos from the first couple days of the trip in Shannon and Limerick. We visited King John's Castle, where we learned about the awful and violent history of Ireland. We also saw the Cliffs of Moher, which were spectacular. We drank mead (and old drink with mostly honey and wine) at a medieval banquet. The "lords" and "ladies" played music and danced for us while we ate.