friday links

It seemed like a good idea.

People who wish they could go back in time.

Can't believe this really happened.

DAD: We are at Puss In Boots. Alone 
ME: Try to keep it under control. 
DAD: Keep what under control? There are 5 people in the building. 3 of them work here 
ME: There’s a reason why the movie is empty.. 
DAD: Mom farted

MOM: Had a great time with you guys got the wool blanket yeah found a very cute smiley face round mug that you may like hit a deer on the way home it took off my side view mirror and left some hoof prints fur and some dents in bumper it is dead nite nite

ME: Please send me your cheesecake recipe. Love you – thanks! 
MOM: who is this? 

DAD: so it is written so it is done. Dad. 
DAD: howz it going. Out 
ME: what? Lol none of those really make sense. 
DAD: I am a hipster. Bam 

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