things to lighten your mood before the weekend

Words that have a total different meaning in the ATL. 

Awkward things that happen at church. 

Things people do when their spouse is out of town.


tragedy in our church

For the past couple days, I feel like everyone in my town is talking about this tragic story. The father plays in my church's worship band. I can't imagine what this family is going through. If you have the time, please take a moment to sign this change.org petition for the district attorney to drop the murder charges. Accidents happen, and although this one had a horrible outcome, it was still an accident. 


backyard haven

Matt and my brother in law Chris just made us this beautiful outdoor table! Doesn't it look like something from West Elm or Crate and Barrel? It's made of cypress wood, and will only look better when it gets rained on. Our backyard is coming along!


father's day

Happy Father's Day to my sweet sweet dad. I have been taking care of him for over a year now, and I have to say, it's my favorite job i've had. Thanks dad, for being such a great example of how to live your life with no regrets! Here are some pics of my dad and my baby nephew Wesley.


friday links

It seemed like a good idea.

People who wish they could go back in time.

Can't believe this really happened.

DAD: We are at Puss In Boots. Alone 
ME: Try to keep it under control. 
DAD: Keep what under control? There are 5 people in the building. 3 of them work here 
ME: There’s a reason why the movie is empty.. 
DAD: Mom farted

MOM: Had a great time with you guys got the wool blanket yeah found a very cute smiley face round mug that you may like hit a deer on the way home it took off my side view mirror and left some hoof prints fur and some dents in bumper it is dead nite nite

ME: Please send me your cheesecake recipe. Love you – thanks! 
MOM: who is this? 

DAD: so it is written so it is done. Dad. 
DAD: howz it going. Out 
ME: what? Lol none of those really make sense. 
DAD: I am a hipster. Bam 


celebs say stupid things

Some celebrities really need to stop talking. And get a new publicist. 

I get it, some people make mistakes and say stupid stuff. And no, I doubt Gwyneth really thinks being in the public eye is like being in a war. But apparently she really does think being a celebrity mom is harder than being a "regular" mom.

And no, Charlize Theron probably knows being raped is incomparable to Googling some not-so-great stuff about yourself. But just don't even go there!

Rant over.