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san francisco recap: don't call it san fran!

Last week I was in San Francisco with my family. My sister Colleen is a travel nurse out there, and lives in the Marina district. She showed us around town and we had a great time! On Mothers Day we drove to Sonoma and did some wine tastings. One day we saw Sausalito and went to the Braves-Giants game. Here are some photos of our trip:


when we were young

I've been watching old episodes of Parenthood with my dad and I love the old theme song by Lucy Schwartz.



happy weekend everyone!

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  • Things kids today will never understand.


trip to sf

view from Nepanthe Restaurant
I am very pumped about this weekend because I am going to San Fransisco with my family! My mom, my sister and my new baby nephew Wesley are going to see my middle sister, Colleen. She has been living there a couple years now and we haven't yet been out to see her. 

I don't really know many plans except for a Braves game on Monday and probably a few wineries in Sonoma. Should be fun!!