honest notes from kids

MOM: Just thought I would tell u good night. Your dad worked in yard today got his panties in flower bed looks nice. He will work on yours tomorrow. Love yo

ME: Why do you keep face timing me and then hanging up lol 
DAD: Sorry… I’m playing around. Didn’t know it was going through. I’m sick with a cold and bored as hell. I guess it shows. 
DAD: I’ve even been face timing myself. 

DAD: How long should I bake the cookies for? The instructions say 9-11 minutes. 
ME: I do 5 on each rack, so 10 total. 
DAD: What do you mean by each rack? The bottom then the top? 
ME: Yes if you put two trays in at once 
DAD: What if I only put one in at a time? Do I still follow that approach, and, if so, does it matter if I do the top or bottom first? 
ME: Then just do 10 mins on the middle rack. 
DAD: OK. Thanks. Might have more questions. Waiting for butter to soften up. 

Things people think about on their first day of work.
Kids being honestly funny.

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