how i became a minimalist-in-training

I don't know if it's the result of cleaning out my parent's house for a garage sale, helping my in-laws organize their house before they move, or these blog posts, but lately I have been wanting to get rid of stuff. I have seen how many things you collect over time. Just look inside your grandmother's house, and you will see it. 

Even people who are not collectors (whether it's purses, shoes, clothes, home decor, artwork, DVDs, picture frames, you name it) will end up with so many things in your house that you don't even remember when they came in. I am trying to be proactive by not letting stuff in my house that's either: a. useful or b. sentimental (this includes gifts from people). I'm not saying I don't expect my house to be perfectly clean and organized when I get older. I know children will add a lot of materials to my house, should we have kiddos later.

I'm not saying this is an easy thing to do, it doesn't drive my husband crazy sometimes, and I don't have my weaknesses (i freakin' love candle holders) but I get such relief when I can give things to friends who will enjoy them, or donate them to charity. And I really never miss them later, I promise.

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Madison @ Wetherills Say I Do said...

I've seen lots of posts like this lately! It really inspires me to go through some things and reevaluate the things we have!