my nephew's newborn photo shoot

My sister just had her second little boy. She had professional photos taken by Alea Moore, and they are wonderful! Click here to see the rest of the pictures of this beautiful family. 


giggle a little today


MOM: Happy Birthday Brenen!
ME: Its, Brayden Mom.
MOM: Are you sure?
ME: Yes.

MOTHER: your teeth just look like they are too white with no clear coat. Hali had sketchy enamel and I think yours just look white but not glossy, like your enamel is worn off.
MOTHER: never give babies apple juice
MOTHER: I just want to make sure your enamel is OK.

The most awkward things that have ever happened.

Girls at Target.

Which Office character are you? (I got Pam.)


something bugged me today

I want to start off by saying I love Ellen. My dad and I watch her show a lot and I used to watch her sitcom, which a lot of people don't even know about. However, there was something I noticed about her show yesterday. Something that bugged me. 

I have seen a ton of talk shows where actors and actresses are promoting their latest movie (my dad records four of the late night shows and we watch them in the morning). I know the drill, the actors talk about what it was like working with the cast and crew, maybe talk about the location they filmed in, and then they talk about the movie's meaning to them and why people should see it. 

Emma Watson, who I love because I am a Harry Potter nerd, was the guest on the show. I was excited to hear more about the movie Noah, and I am always intrigued with the cross over between the Christian faith and a mostly secular Hollywood. You can see my other post about that here. Now I'm not naive about this, I know that Ellen is not a Christian, nor is NBC a faith-based company. But I found it interesting as well as disappointing that they didn't even hint at the subject of this movie. They only discussed the production quality and film location (Iceland, if you're wondering). They did say the theme was depressing, so there's that. 

I know Emma's media trainers have taught her to remain "politically correct" in interviews, but after seeing her interview here, I wish she had spoken more about the values of the film. However, Ellen didn't really allow her to expand her answers about the movie. I thought Emma did a better job with this interview here

I tried to find a clip of the interview online, but the only clip they have on the website is of her talking about the Oscars. Go figure. Anyway, I thought it was a bit awkward. Maybe having guest-host Jason Bateman there threw it off a bit. Just my two cents.


excited about wall hooks

So pretty much everything in our master bedroom is turning to white! I painted the panel behind our wall hooks and then got new hooks. No more of that light brown color anymore! I thought I had "before" picture but hadn't taken one, so sorry for the lack of dramatic effect. :-)


my dad's thoughts on hayden panettiere

While watching Nashville, showing a scene where Juliette Barnes makes an impulsive decision.

Dad: I just don't understand that girl.


link it up

Funny pups

Gotta love Pinterest fails

Making fun of Pinterest even more. 

If product names were honest

For my fellow Harry Potter nerds

Off to Nashville tonight, y'all have a great weekend!!


caribbean cruise recap

The cruise Matt and I went on with his parents in February was amazing! The only thing that made it bearable to come home was seeing our pup, Maebe.

The ship, Celebrity Shilouette, took off from Ft. Lauderdale and went to San Juan, PR, St. Kitts and St. Marten. We had fun on the island excursions, but honestly, the ship was just as great! It was huge, and there was always something to do. Of course, I didn't want to do much except read by the pool. I have been missing the sun during this awful winter!

San Juan was neat, we walked through the old city. We saw a fort and ate dinner at a local place. Seeing St Kitts was fun, because my view was from the back of a scooter. It was a little scary for Matt because there was traffic, and he had to drive on the left side of the road! I kept having to remind him "left is right and right is left." St. Marten was really pretty. We went on a catamaran and went snorkeling. Then we went to half regular - half nude beach. That was interesting, and that's all I will say about that!

Overall we had a great time with Matt's parents, and we are grateful they took us on this amazing trip. Hopefully we can do it again! Here are some photos of the trip:
Puerto Rico
Matt pulling the sails in St. Marten
The non nude side of Orient Beach
Zumba on deck was my exercise
Our last dinner was super fancy, probably the nicest restaurant I've been to.
The fort in Old San Juan
$5 to get a pic with a monkey in St. Kitts. Worth it or not?
Scooting around St. Kitts