better than last year

Photo by Jonas Nilsson Lee
At the end of January, I was thinking back to last year. January 2013 was a rough month for me. But I'm so glad to say I am so much happier now than I was then. 

  • Last year I was in a miserable job, then got laid off from the job. Now I am at a job I love, and I get to hang out with my dad five days a week. 
  • Last year we lost out by $200 on an offer for our dream home. This year, we are living in our real dream home, and loving everything about it. 
  • Last year I got robbed and lost half a grand. Ok, so no positive spin on that one. Sometimes crappy things happen for no reason. Except now I make sure my purse is zipped at all times. 

So thank you God, for giving me a way better January! Here's to February being just as great.

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