silver linings playbook

photo courtesy of theatlantic.com
I read an article recently that struck me as very interesting. It was written on the blog from  Christian Production company Art Within's website. It discusses how casual and common sex is in most romantic comedies, with some characters sleeping together even on the first date. The producers of Silver Linings Playbook made the movie in such a unique way that the audience is actually rooting for the couple to not sleep together. The movie is not an openly religious one, but it does have some Christian elements to it. The article is pretty long, but it's worth it to read the beginning. You can find it here.


gluten free

For Lent I am going to try gluten free foods only. This will be a challenge and a sacrifice for me, because I have never been on a strict diet. I want to see if I will have more energy, and if my stomach issues will stop. It's going to take a lot of planning ahead, and trying not to eat out, which is hard for me! I know I'm not allergic, but I want to see if I might have a sensitivity to it.

Have you ever tried to go gluten free? How did it go for you? 


beach style

Since I'm on a cruise this week, I decided to do all beach themed styles I like for Trendy Tuesday. And hopefully it will get us excited for spring!! 

I bought these bottoms from Target. Aren't they fun?


cruisin' time

I'm extra excited today because Matt's parents are taking us on a cruise! We leave this morning for Ft. Lauderale and ship out tomorrow to San Juan, St. Maarten and St. Kitts. It will be such a nice break from this cold, depressing weather! We are so grateful they wanted to take us with them! Here is a photo of our boat, the Celebrity Silhouette. Let's hope we don't get the Norovirus



blog redesign

You've probably noticed that I redesigned my blog! I hope to one day not use a template and create my own, but I'll have to learn a bit more about web design first. :-) I wanted something a little more simple, clean cut and easy to read. I'm still making adjustments here and there, but I'm mostly finished.

Do you like it? Let me know in the comments below! 


funny links of the week

MOM: Please don’t text me for the next hour I’m going to be on the treadmill. 
ME: I wasn’t planning on texting you. 
MOM: What did I just say? 

DAD: I know Matt’s busy at work, but we’re going to call to say Happy Birthday anyway! 
ME: Ok 
(5 minutes later) 
DAD: Can you send me his number again? Your mother and I just sang happy birthday to a stranger. ME: YOU’RE KIDDING. 
DAD: No. The guy who answered was very confused. Number please. 

MOM: Hey ru coming home soon? 
ME: I’m not sure yet, why? 
MOM: The dog just puked on ur bed and i dont wanna clean it up. if u rnt home in a bit ill just put the comforter outside. sry for opening ur door even though it was closed, he looked like he was gonna puke so i figured it would be best in ur room. luv u! 

Love me some puns

This is mostly me. 

How to piss off a designer. 


on turning 28 without facebook

Today is my birthday. I don't love turning 28, only two years to 30!! I feel like I have to be an adult now. 


better than last year

Photo by Jonas Nilsson Lee
At the end of January, I was thinking back to last year. January 2013 was a rough month for me. But I'm so glad to say I am so much happier now than I was then. 

  • Last year I was in a miserable job, then got laid off from the job. Now I am at a job I love, and I get to hang out with my dad five days a week. 
  • Last year we lost out by $200 on an offer for our dream home. This year, we are living in our real dream home, and loving everything about it. 
  • Last year I got robbed and lost half a grand. Ok, so no positive spin on that one. Sometimes crappy things happen for no reason. Except now I make sure my purse is zipped at all times. 

So thank you God, for giving me a way better January! Here's to February being just as great.