why i got off facebook (and you should too)

In the eight years I’ve had an active Facebook account, I came up with several excuses for not quitting: “It’s how I keep up with my friends. It has all my pictures. Nobody will visit my blog!”

The last factor turned out to be true. Yes, I get less hits on my blog now. (I would sometimes update my status with a link to my latest post). However, I still don’t regret it. Besides all the reasons you’ve heard before on why you should quit (waste of time, getting into a comparison trap with your friends, etc.), there is one that hadn’t crossed my mind before.

Because of my age when I got my account (2005), I had way too many “friends.” I was a freshman in college, hence why I added so many new people. That meant I was only one year out of high school and still in touch with several people. I knew way too much about thousands of people, and while at first it was a thrill, it got old. My conversations lacked authenticity. Why would I need to ask someone “what have you been up to” when I had just looked through all 150 photos of her all-inclusive trip to Cancun?

It’s hard to give new information anymore, people already know everything. There is something neat about the not knowing. When I see an old friend from my past, or their parent for that matter, I can genuinely ask them about their lives without already knowing the answer. It makes me feel old school in a cool way.

I still keep up with my friends. I call, text, Instagram, which is a great way for me to share my photos (with way less followers). I do plan on getting back on Facebook to get my pictures off, as most of my college memories are on there. Also, if I plan on starting a graphic design business, I will probably get back on, under a business account. I’m dreading it, as the whole self-promotion thing isn’t really my thing.

I’m not gonna lie, I occasionally log into my husband’s account to look up something specific, but besides that, I’m Facebook free. And it feels so good. Won’t you join me?

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