stop saying "i'm sorry"

I read a Buzzfeed piece about 15 rules for long-term relationships. Number nine stuck out to me. It said there are three word-related rules:

Say “thank you” a lot more, say “sorry” a lot less, and stop saying “but” entirely. 
  • Don’t say “sorry,” or talk about how much you suck just because you want your partner to feel bad for you. “Sorry” should be sacred and reserved for when you really mean it, and it cheapens your relationship to use it as a manipulation tactic. 
  • Say thank you all the time: Like, so much that it feels weird. Say it about the silliest, tiniest things and about the big things. Your partner will never get tired of it, promise.
  • Outlaw the word “but.” ESPECIALLY when it follows “I love you.” Use “and” instead.
I found it really interesting it says to say sorry less. I don't think the author is talking about when you are wrong about something and really do need to say sorry, but when you are using it in a way that benefits yourself. I think I do this sometimes, but I've never really thought about it this way.

Do you have any word-related rules to add to this list?

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