If you've been in a cave and haven't heard yet, Atlanta (and the rest of GA and AL) is recovering from The Snowpoclypse 2014. Since we don't have the preparations and operations to fix our major roads and interstates icing over, combined with the fact that everyone left their jobs and schools at the same time on Tuesday, it was a disaster in the South. Tons of people trapped trying to get home or abandoning their cars and waking on foot to safe shelter.

I ended up staying at my parents with my dad, while my mom and sister were stuck at their hospitals where they work. Matt and my brother in law waited in Atlanta until 3am and took back roads dodging cars and made it home at 5:30am. Our stories were way less dramatic than most peoples'! So glad everyone is safe and things are back to normal now.


why i got off facebook (and you should too)

In the eight years I’ve had an active Facebook account, I came up with several excuses for not quitting: “It’s how I keep up with my friends. It has all my pictures. Nobody will visit my blog!”

The last factor turned out to be true. Yes, I get less hits on my blog now. (I would sometimes update my status with a link to my latest post). However, I still don’t regret it. Besides all the reasons you’ve heard before on why you should quit (waste of time, getting into a comparison trap with your friends, etc.), there is one that hadn’t crossed my mind before.

Because of my age when I got my account (2005), I had way too many “friends.” I was a freshman in college, hence why I added so many new people. That meant I was only one year out of high school and still in touch with several people. I knew way too much about thousands of people, and while at first it was a thrill, it got old. My conversations lacked authenticity. Why would I need to ask someone “what have you been up to” when I had just looked through all 150 photos of her all-inclusive trip to Cancun?

It’s hard to give new information anymore, people already know everything. There is something neat about the not knowing. When I see an old friend from my past, or their parent for that matter, I can genuinely ask them about their lives without already knowing the answer. It makes me feel old school in a cool way.

I still keep up with my friends. I call, text, Instagram, which is a great way for me to share my photos (with way less followers). I do plan on getting back on Facebook to get my pictures off, as most of my college memories are on there. Also, if I plan on starting a graphic design business, I will probably get back on, under a business account. I’m dreading it, as the whole self-promotion thing isn’t really my thing.

I’m not gonna lie, I occasionally log into my husband’s account to look up something specific, but besides that, I’m Facebook free. And it feels so good. Won’t you join me?


links to make you laugh

29 Struggles That Only People With Big Butts Will Understand

Can't relate, but thought this was funny.

13 Of The Funniest Things Kids Have Said To Their Teachers


stop saying "i'm sorry"

I read a Buzzfeed piece about 15 rules for long-term relationships. Number nine stuck out to me. It said there are three word-related rules:

Say “thank you” a lot more, say “sorry” a lot less, and stop saying “but” entirely. 
  • Don’t say “sorry,” or talk about how much you suck just because you want your partner to feel bad for you. “Sorry” should be sacred and reserved for when you really mean it, and it cheapens your relationship to use it as a manipulation tactic. 
  • Say thank you all the time: Like, so much that it feels weird. Say it about the silliest, tiniest things and about the big things. Your partner will never get tired of it, promise.
  • Outlaw the word “but.” ESPECIALLY when it follows “I love you.” Use “and” instead.
I found it really interesting it says to say sorry less. I don't think the author is talking about when you are wrong about something and really do need to say sorry, but when you are using it in a way that benefits yourself. I think I do this sometimes, but I've never really thought about it this way.

Do you have any word-related rules to add to this list?


my last house project

I just finished my recent house project, by painting the built-in TV center in our master bedroom. I replaced the knobs with ones found on Amazon.com. It lightens the room, and I like how it matches the molding.


my favorite golden globe dresses

Anna Gunn
Mila Kunis
Kate Beckinsale
Margot Robbie
Olivia Wilde
Kate Mara
Reece Witherspoon
My favorite one! Sosie Bacon (Kevin Bacon's daughter)


five issues the church should discuss more

I recently read an article in Relevant Magazine about the top five uncomfortable topics the church should discuss more. I have to say I agree, especially with the first two. I think people struggling with all of these issues can get caught up in their fear of divulging their "secret," whatever it may be. Some people tend to only show a certain side at church, like they have it all together. This makes it hard for people to come forward with these real hardships. Last year my church held a men's event with the purpose of discussing addiction, so I feel there is improvement. We need to keep that going.

Here are the top five topics:
  • Addiction
  • Sexuality
  • Sincere Doubt
  • Mental Illness
  • Loneliness
To read the full article, see here.

Are there any issues you think should be added to this list?


what is lady gaga wearing?

MOM: I need a get-rich-quick scheme 
ME: can we sell our kidneys? 
MOM: no we need our spare kidney for when alcohol kills the first one 

DAD: hello son. I need you to call me as soon as you get this. I am using good grammar because your mom said it bugs you when I dont. Sorry I didnt use an apostraphe I dont know how. I also dont know how to do a zero. I still use a capital O. Actually you dont have to call me anymore. 
ME: how long did that take you to write? 
DAD: lets just say funniest home videos is almost over. 

ME: did you see the beach boys are playing? 
DAD: ok, that’s great, but WHAT IS LADY GAGA WEARING?