2014 new year's resolutions: recap

These were my 2014 New Year Resolutions. Let's see how I did:

1. Get in shape - Done! I've been disciplined with the cardio, need to do more muscle training.
2. Eat better - I still feel guilty if I eat something bad for me, so that's good, right? But overall, I still have a ways to go on this. I have decided to cut down my calories by drinking less alcohol. 
3. Go to Europe - Done! My mom and I went to Ireland in July. You can read those posts here.
4. Become debt free - Still haven't paid off Matt's loans yet. But they are interest free, so I'm not too worried about that.
5. Run two 5Ks and one 10K - Done! I did a 5K in March, another in August, and a 10K on Thanksgiving.
6. Make more decisions based on feelings over logic -  Done! I turned down a job two years ago because I followed logic over feeling. I regretted my decision after getting laid off after four months. The opportunity came back to me, and I took that first job. It's been going well so far.
7. Be a better wife - Done! This is an ongoing struggle, but I feel I have been more patient with me and my husband's differences.
8. Learn to listen to what God is telling me - Still a work in progress.
9. Finish The Message in chronological order - Almost done! I finished the Old Testament, have read some of the New.
10. Shampoo my hair less - After realizing it was not making my hair any fuller, I gave up on this.
11. Practice graphic design - Done! I got my certificate, and I started a new job where I get to do some design. More on that later.


blank space

I didn't think I would like Tay Tay's pop album, but of course, here I am putting her other single for Music Monday. That girl can write a song.


owning less and living more

I really liked this article from a neat, local company, Plywood People, called Owning Less. Living More. I think the author really captures the same feelings I have as I attempt to become more of a minimalist (and not just because it's a trend thank you very much). You can read the whole article here but this was my favorite part:
Our mantra became, “Intentionally promote the things we most value and remove anything that is distracting us from it.” 
The life-giving benefits were felt almost immediately. We had less to clean, organize, manage, and maintain. We suddenly had more money available. We experienced more space, freedom, and calm. Stress and anxiety began to fade. We found more opportunity to spend time together as a family. Our lifestyle became more friendly to the environment around us. Intentionality was born. Gratitude and contentment began to fill our hearts. And our capacity for generosity began to grow—as did our desire to embrace it.


thanksgiving in helen

Matt, Maebe and I headed up to Helen in the north Georgia Mountains to see his family for Thanksgiving. We had a great time; we shot pumpkins, chopped wood, cheered on my niece's basketball team (Matt's dad is the coach), and had a great meal. We also got to spend quality time with Matt's brother Jonathan. He is moving to Charlotte for a new job in a couple weeks so it was good to see him before he leaves.