2013 new year's resolutions: recap

I wanted to keep myself accountable for my 2013 resolutions. So here we go!

1. Figure out if I like graphic design or not
I have taken three classes and have two more to get my certificate. While I don't love the classes, I do like to create designs from scratch.
2. Get better at tennis
I'd like to think I've improved on tennis. My friend Stevie and I do T2 tennis almost every season.
3. Get in shape

I have been better about running, and trying to go to the Muscle Madness class at my gym.
4. Eat better...less carbs

I still eat a ton of carbs but I'm starting to feel guilty about it. I turned down the last cinnamon roll this morning!
5. Travel (Syracuse, NYC, San Francisco, LA, Nashville, Birmingham, Savannah, beach)

I got to go to most all of these places this year (besides B-ham and SF because of this). Travel was a success.
6. Become debt free

Not quite there, losing half our savings with the house down payment kinda put a damper in our loan payments.
7. Start saving for Europe 2014

We are going to start in a few weeks moving money to our savings for this trip.
8. Learn to say no

I have gotten better at this, and doing it without feeling guilty.
9. Hang out with my neph more

I see Myer a lot now that I work for my parents. My sister brings him over a lot.
10. Run three 5Ks

I only ran two, the Color Run and the Gobble Jog. 
11. Be a better wife

Still working on it!
12. Learn to listen to what God is telling me

I need to try harder with this. It's a struggle for me.

I will post my 2014 resolutions next week. Stay tuned! Did you guys follow through with your resolutions!

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Kathleen said...

I think you did a great job!