game of fetch

This is my nephew Myer playing fetch with Finn on their back deck. He's so excited!


frame project

My mom's friend found this beautiful frame for me at a flea market. I had been wanting to put up some fun dancing pictures for our wedding reception. So I decided to keep the frame open, but to hang some dancing pictures by string. I already had a burlap runner, so I took three threads out and tied them around the nails I hammered into the sides of the frame. Then I used clothes pins to hang the photos. It pops in front of our only non-neutral paint color in the house (the bathroom). I saw this idea on Pinterest, and I think it came out nicely!  


2013 new year's resolutions: recap

I wanted to keep myself accountable for my 2013 resolutions. So here we go!

1. Figure out if I like graphic design or not
I have taken three classes and have two more to get my certificate. While I don't love the classes, I do like to create designs from scratch.
2. Get better at tennis
I'd like to think I've improved on tennis. My friend Stevie and I do T2 tennis almost every season.
3. Get in shape

I have been better about running, and trying to go to the Muscle Madness class at my gym.
4. Eat better...less carbs

I still eat a ton of carbs but I'm starting to feel guilty about it. I turned down the last cinnamon roll this morning!
5. Travel (Syracuse, NYC, San Francisco, LA, Nashville, Birmingham, Savannah, beach)

I got to go to most all of these places this year (besides B-ham and SF because of this). Travel was a success.
6. Become debt free

Not quite there, losing half our savings with the house down payment kinda put a damper in our loan payments.
7. Start saving for Europe 2014

We are going to start in a few weeks moving money to our savings for this trip.
8. Learn to say no

I have gotten better at this, and doing it without feeling guilty.
9. Hang out with my neph more

I see Myer a lot now that I work for my parents. My sister brings him over a lot.
10. Run three 5Ks

I only ran two, the Color Run and the Gobble Jog. 
11. Be a better wife

Still working on it!
12. Learn to listen to what God is telling me

I need to try harder with this. It's a struggle for me.

I will post my 2014 resolutions next week. Stay tuned! Did you guys follow through with your resolutions!



I love love love this song! I wasn't able to embed the code for the video, so you have to click this link to see it.


girls weekend getaway

Last weekend I met up with college girls at a cabin on Lake Guntersville, AL. We had a great time catching up, playing games, and looking through old Facebook photos and making fun of our style back in the day. I got to meet my friend Katie's new baby girl, Sylvie. She was so cute and such a good baby! Here are some picture of the weekend.


joy to the world

MOM: did you get the tequila out?
MOM: the dogs r probably hot and need a drink.
ME: You give the dogs tequila?
MOM: oh… I meant water
ME: You cant type “tequila” and actually mean water
MOM: ahem, autocorrect

ME: hey sorry i missed your call the other day. I tried to check my voicemail and i didnt have a message from you. Whatsup? 
GRANDMA: hoping u would be able 2 find time 2 get my christmas wreath down from attic. I dont want anyone to think im an atheist! Thanx 

MOM: gonna go out hunting or just take a nap out in the woods

This post is sad but true.


renovated headboard

Last Sunday I painted our headboard. It was brown before, and it's glued to the wall so we were stuck with it. I thought the white to match the molding would make it look better.


thanksgiving in helen

For Thanksgiving, Matt and I went to Helen to visit his family. We enjoyed our time catching up with everything and dodging all the walking tourist traffic in downtown Helen (sarcasm). My favorite part was when we took a three mile hike with Matt's parents, and they told us about how they met. Can you believe they have known each other since third grade?? 

Here are some photos from the weekend:

What did you all do for Thanksgiving?