zach braff

MOM: Grandma has cats on her socks. 
ME: Oh that’s nice. 
MOM: Word. What are you doing? 
ME: At someone’s house 
MOM: Oh. Is it a fun party atmosphere? 
ME: I guess 
MOM: Have fun and remember to act like a lady. 
MOM: No drinking n pukin 
MOM: That is NOT ladylike 

MOM: where are you 
ME: School.. haha 
MOM: if youhave money go rent ernest saves xmas 

MOM: Grandparents found ur red thong in the black suit case. grandpa thought it was a headband and wore it while cutting the lawn. 

MOM: Hey, what is a “hipster”? 
ME: Lol, it’d take too long to explain over text. MOM: You are one of them aren’t you?

Such a great photobomb.

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