your mother wants to know

MOM: Please take the children out of the freezer if still frozen. 
YOU: I don’t even want to look in the freezer now. 

MOM: don’t know if this is true but please be careful. people putting infected hiv needles under gas pump handles and people getting stuck and infected 
MOM: in fl and east coast 
MOM: never mind. dad googled it. it is not real. 

DAD: Where are you? YMWTK 
ME: I’m at Starbucks. What is YMWTK? 
DAD: Your mother wants to know. 

MOM: So, I just had a realization. When I am playing Angry Birds and it says ‘new high score’ it only means me!!!! Duh!!!! And since it is the first time I am playing most of the games it means nothing. It is true, if it seems too good to be true, it is too good to be true. 

DAD: Hello. Do you mind going in the garage and quietly bringing me a beera??? 
ME: sure daddy o____O what is a beera??? It’s BEER 
DAD: Quietly.. 

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