update on matt

I wanted to update you on Matt's sickness. We went to the hospital and they ran some tests, including a spinal tap. They were worried he had meningitis, but after the procedure they decided it was a viral infection. He had a bad headache after we left, so we went back and they said the spinal tap had probably leaked, so they did a blood patch. This is when they take blood from your arm, clot it outside of the body, and put it back where the spinal tap was. 

His head STILL hurt after all this, but it has progressively gotten better. His pain level today is 3 out of 10, so he is definitely better. He had to miss a whole week of work! He has no pain when he is laying flat with the lights on. We were both going a little stir crazy stuck in the house. Something I've had a lot of lately.

Anyway, he seems to be improving, thank the Lord!

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