small group

This school year, Matt and I are leading a small group with our friends Mary Hannah and Daniel. Last school year we joined a small group led by our church Stonebridge. Our leaders encouraged us to become leaders in our community, and the idea came to me to invite other married couples into a small group. We knew we were too busy to lead on our own, so we asked Mary Hannah and Daniel Gaddis from our church to lead with us. It was such a good decision, they are similar to us in their walks and we have so much fun with them. 

Most small group nights we watch a sermon on TV, discuss the video, and split into guys and girls for prayer time. In between normal nights, we sneak in a few fellowship events, such as camping which we did a couple weeks ago, and eating at a Mexican restaurant, coming up in a few weeks.

It's a great group of people, with a mix of people I have known for awhile, friends I am reconnecting with, and new faces that I love getting to know. 

Are any of you guys in a small group? I'd love to hear about what you do each week!

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