update on matt

I wanted to update you on Matt's sickness. We went to the hospital and they ran some tests, including a spinal tap. They were worried he had meningitis, but after the procedure they decided it was a viral infection. He had a bad headache after we left, so we went back and they said the spinal tap had probably leaked, so they did a blood patch. This is when they take blood from your arm, clot it outside of the body, and put it back where the spinal tap was. 

His head STILL hurt after all this, but it has progressively gotten better. His pain level today is 3 out of 10, so he is definitely better. He had to miss a whole week of work! He has no pain when he is laying flat with the lights on. We were both going a little stir crazy stuck in the house. Something I've had a lot of lately.

Anyway, he seems to be improving, thank the Lord!


zach braff

MOM: Grandma has cats on her socks. 
ME: Oh that’s nice. 
MOM: Word. What are you doing? 
ME: At someone’s house 
MOM: Oh. Is it a fun party atmosphere? 
ME: I guess 
MOM: Have fun and remember to act like a lady. 
MOM: No drinking n pukin 
MOM: That is NOT ladylike 

MOM: where are you 
ME: School.. haha 
MOM: if youhave money go rent ernest saves xmas 

MOM: Grandparents found ur red thong in the black suit case. grandpa thought it was a headband and wore it while cutting the lawn. 

MOM: Hey, what is a “hipster”? 
ME: Lol, it’d take too long to explain over text. MOM: You are one of them aren’t you?

Such a great photobomb.


the voice: pt. 3

I love this girl's voice. It's so soothing and makes me feel like bundling up on a cold winter day. I also appreciate how innocent and humble she seems.


fruits by the feet

MOM: the house down the street got busted for a meth lab. There is caution tape and it is quarantined and everything. 
ME: That is crazy! Do you know the people? 
MOM: No, but they didn’t water their lawn so I was not surprised. 

MOM: I just found out what YOLO means. Of course I don’t believe in it. 
ME: Don’t forget the fruit by the foots! 
MOM: Nope 
MOM: Fruits by the feet 

MOM: Hahaha that is so funny. I would say rofl but am in car. rocml 
ME: what? 
MOM: rolling on car mat laughing 

ME: … you or the car?


hubby is sicky

Matt might have the flu. He can't get his fever down from 100.5. Any suggestions? 


small group

This school year, Matt and I are leading a small group with our friends Mary Hannah and Daniel. Last school year we joined a small group led by our church Stonebridge. Our leaders encouraged us to become leaders in our community, and the idea came to me to invite other married couples into a small group. We knew we were too busy to lead on our own, so we asked Mary Hannah and Daniel Gaddis from our church to lead with us. It was such a good decision, they are similar to us in their walks and we have so much fun with them. 

Most small group nights we watch a sermon on TV, discuss the video, and split into guys and girls for prayer time. In between normal nights, we sneak in a few fellowship events, such as camping which we did a couple weeks ago, and eating at a Mexican restaurant, coming up in a few weeks.

It's a great group of people, with a mix of people I have known for awhile, friends I am reconnecting with, and new faces that I love getting to know. 

Are any of you guys in a small group? I'd love to hear about what you do each week!


cma awards

I didn't really love a lot of the dresses from the CMAs this year, but here were my favorites:
Karen Fairchild
Danielle Bradbery
Kimberly Perry


the voice pt. 2

Another singer I loved on The Voice is Jacqui Lee. I can't believe this sound is coming from a 16 year old! Here is her first live performance:


the battle they didn't choose

Photo courtesy of: Angelo Merendino
I love when photography captures real moments. True emotions rather than staged, prepared and all smiles.  

This talented New Yorker took photos of his wife's battle with breast cancer. You can see the moving photos here.


the voice

I have been into The Voice this season and I really liked this artist, Holly Henry. Sadly she was knocked out in the second round. Here is her rendition of Coldplay's The Scientist.


werewolf bar mitzvah

Last Saturday Matt and I had our 2nd Annual Werewolf Bar Mitzvah. Read here to see what's behind the name. Matt decorated our yard with crime scene tape, and put a bloody shower curtain and bloody knives on the porch. He added a sign that said The Doctor is In...SANE. He really went all out, I just love that about him. I was Rosie the Riveter and he was a creepy doctor. Here are some pictures from the night.
Miley at the VMAs


your mother wants to know

MOM: Please take the children out of the freezer if still frozen. 
YOU: I don’t even want to look in the freezer now. 

MOM: don’t know if this is true but please be careful. people putting infected hiv needles under gas pump handles and people getting stuck and infected 
MOM: in fl and east coast 
MOM: never mind. dad googled it. it is not real. 

DAD: Where are you? YMWTK 
ME: I’m at Starbucks. What is YMWTK? 
DAD: Your mother wants to know. 

MOM: So, I just had a realization. When I am playing Angry Birds and it says ‘new high score’ it only means me!!!! Duh!!!! And since it is the first time I am playing most of the games it means nothing. It is true, if it seems too good to be true, it is too good to be true. 

DAD: Hello. Do you mind going in the garage and quietly bringing me a beera??? 
ME: sure daddy o____O what is a beera??? It’s BEER 
DAD: Quietly..