our new house - before and after pics

It's been so much fun decorating this house and making it our own. Here are some photos I took from before we moved in and then a few months after. We still have some updates to make, but a lot of it is finished. I love feeling settled!

BEFORE: Entryway
AFTER: Entryway. I love our li'l guard dog.
BEFORE: Entryway
AFTER: Entryway
BEFORE: Formal Living Room
AFTER: Formal Living Room. We painted the room gray and the fireplace white to match the molding.
I tried to add pops of color to make up for the vast amounts of gray!
BEFORE: Living Room
AFTER: Living Room
BEFORE: Dining Room
AFTER: Dining Room. We painted this the same gray as the living room.
BEFORE: Dining Room
AFTER: Dining Room. Love this piece of furniture from Rethunk Junk.
I got a canvas made of our wedding party.
BEFORE: Downstairs Hallway

AFTER: Downstairs Hallway. I decided to do a gallery wall with all momentos and pictures of our families.
Collage of concert, sports, moments from when we started dating
A professional photographer captured this picture of Matt proposing (accidentally!)
Our first date was to a concert at the Tabernacle. Matt saved the ticket and wrote on it about our date.
Matt's Uncle Dave was a model back in the 70s. He looks like the Marlboro Man.
BEFORE: Family Room
AFTER: Family Room. We would love to put built-ins with a window seat and maybe a desk.
The previous owners left this 110 inch screen with a projector. You can watch normal TV on it and movies.
BEFORE & AFTER: Kitchen. I would love to re-do the kitchen eventually by getting marble or granite countertops and painting the cabinets white.
BEFORE: Half Bath. I loved their bird themed bathroom.
AFTER: Half Bath. I painted just two walls in the half bath downstairs to give it  a little color.
This cool wall sticker was left by the previous owners.
BEFORE: Hallway
AFTER: Hallway
BEFORE & AFTER: Laundry Room/Linen Closet
BEFORE: Office
AFTER: Office/Matt's Man Cave.
BEFORE: Guest Bathroom
AFTER: Guest Bathroom
BEFORE: Master Bedroom.
AFTER: Master Bedroom. I want to paint the headboard white to match the molding.
I got this window at an antique market.

BEFORE: Master Bedroom

AFTER: Master Bedroom. I painted this brown dresser the same gray as the living room, with white knobs to give them some dimension.
BEFORE & AFTER: Master Bedroom. The previous owners had a TV in here. We don't want one in this room so we're trying to think of  something cool to make it. Maybe a mini fridge??
BEFORE & AFTER: Master Closet
BEFORE & AFTER: Master Bathroom
BEFORE: Guest Room
AFTER: Guest Room. My friends Katie and Kelly made us this Pinterest-inspired headboard as a wedding gift. 
I love our cozy little backyard.


carolineb said...

Beautiful, you two! Congratulations! Miss you.

Rachael L. Anderson said...

Thanks, we miss you too Caroline!