casadea or quesadilla?

ME: Just watched Grease 
MOM: Just cooked in grease. Fajita meat. 

DAD: So when do you use data? If I text or do whatsapp, is that using data? Sorry to be such a nube. 

ME: The old lady at Cinnabon said I look like Sandra Bullock! Haha 
DAD: I can see that! Sandra Bullock has a different type of beauty than most other big actresses. Her “wow” factor comes from a natural beauty, from within, while the others are generally more “surface.” Guys like the “Sandra” types better for long term relationships as they are more down to earth and intelligent. Guys take those home to introduce to their Mamas! 

DAD: Just measured your sister. 5’7 1/2″. Getting close. 
ME: Yikes 
MOM: Your Dad think you’re 5’8″. But I think you’re 5’9″ ME: I’m 5’9″ 
MOM: I think he understimates you :) 

MOM: New rule, instead of God bless you, say choo choo 
ME: What ME: 
Why MOM: Ach choo! 
MOM: Start a new trend 

 MOM: Hi hone. Had a good day? I went to Zumba class this morning. I sweat so much from shaking my bun buns :) 

ME: What’s for dinner 
DAD: Cascades 
DAD: Do you want some 
ME: What the hell is a cascade 
DAD: Casadea 
DAD: Filled with chicken and peppers 
ME: That would be a quesadilla 

MOM: May I throw out blue beanbag? I tried sitting in it and I bruised my coccyx. 
ME: Snort. Yeah I guess. I suppose it’s had a good life. 
MOM: Do you mind if I throw out your facial clay mask? I tried to squeeze the tube and it was like a brick? Almost cut my finger 

DAD: Thank you for turning out to be a much better daughter than Miley Cyrus.

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