cabin fever

My dad has been in the hospital with pneumonia for almost three weeks now. He was in ICU for two, then moved to IMCU (Intermediate Care Unit) last Monday. His infection has cleared up for the most part, and his breathing has gotten better, so hopefully he can leave next week. We don't like to leave him alone for very long because he does better mentally when we're there. I hate to see him missing this time of year: football games, the leaves turning, the great fall temperatures. My mom has been sleeping here and I have been here during the day. It's been a struggle, as I've mentioned in the past that I believe I have SADS. His room doesn't have a window, so I've been getting cabin fever. It's been so hard on him, we are all ready to see him home. We appreciate the prayers, meals, and good thoughts from our family and friends. I am so grateful God allowed us to spend more time with him on Earth. 

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