Matt and I have been watching Portlandia on Netflix. We love the different characters and how they make fun of certain parts of hipster culture. The opening song by Washed Out is good too. Take a listen here.


two years

Happy Anniversary to my hubby! We made it two whole years! :) Thanks for putting up with me buddy.



I love the color turquoise. It's one of my main colors in our home. Because of that, I follow a blog called House of Turquoise which shows beautiful homes with greens, blues, teal and turquoise colors. I saw one today that might be my favorite so far. And to top it off, it's in one of my favorite cities, Austin, Texas. You can see pictures of this amazing home here.


cabin fever

My dad has been in the hospital with pneumonia for almost three weeks now. He was in ICU for two, then moved to IMCU (Intermediate Care Unit) last Monday. His infection has cleared up for the most part, and his breathing has gotten better, so hopefully he can leave next week. We don't like to leave him alone for very long because he does better mentally when we're there. I hate to see him missing this time of year: football games, the leaves turning, the great fall temperatures. My mom has been sleeping here and I have been here during the day. It's been a struggle, as I've mentioned in the past that I believe I have SADS. His room doesn't have a window, so I've been getting cabin fever. It's been so hard on him, we are all ready to see him home. We appreciate the prayers, meals, and good thoughts from our family and friends. I am so grateful God allowed us to spend more time with him on Earth. 


porn addiction

I found this NY Magazine article about men's porn addictions a very interesting read. The author discusses how girlfriends and wives of men who look at porn feel they just can't compete with the girls their men are seeing. Very sad that this is such an issue in our day.


our new house - before and after pics

It's been so much fun decorating this house and making it our own. Here are some photos I took from before we moved in and then a few months after. We still have some updates to make, but a lot of it is finished. I love feeling settled!

BEFORE: Entryway
AFTER: Entryway. I love our li'l guard dog.
BEFORE: Entryway
AFTER: Entryway
BEFORE: Formal Living Room
AFTER: Formal Living Room. We painted the room gray and the fireplace white to match the molding.
I tried to add pops of color to make up for the vast amounts of gray!
BEFORE: Living Room
AFTER: Living Room
BEFORE: Dining Room
AFTER: Dining Room. We painted this the same gray as the living room.
BEFORE: Dining Room
AFTER: Dining Room. Love this piece of furniture from Rethunk Junk.
I got a canvas made of our wedding party.
BEFORE: Downstairs Hallway

AFTER: Downstairs Hallway. I decided to do a gallery wall with all momentos and pictures of our families.
Collage of concert, sports, moments from when we started dating
A professional photographer captured this picture of Matt proposing (accidentally!)
Our first date was to a concert at the Tabernacle. Matt saved the ticket and wrote on it about our date.
Matt's Uncle Dave was a model back in the 70s. He looks like the Marlboro Man.
BEFORE: Family Room
AFTER: Family Room. We would love to put built-ins with a window seat and maybe a desk.
The previous owners left this 110 inch screen with a projector. You can watch normal TV on it and movies.
BEFORE & AFTER: Kitchen. I would love to re-do the kitchen eventually by getting marble or granite countertops and painting the cabinets white.
BEFORE: Half Bath. I loved their bird themed bathroom.
AFTER: Half Bath. I painted just two walls in the half bath downstairs to give it  a little color.
This cool wall sticker was left by the previous owners.
BEFORE: Hallway
AFTER: Hallway
BEFORE & AFTER: Laundry Room/Linen Closet
BEFORE: Office
AFTER: Office/Matt's Man Cave.
BEFORE: Guest Bathroom
AFTER: Guest Bathroom
BEFORE: Master Bedroom.
AFTER: Master Bedroom. I want to paint the headboard white to match the molding.
I got this window at an antique market.

BEFORE: Master Bedroom

AFTER: Master Bedroom. I painted this brown dresser the same gray as the living room, with white knobs to give them some dimension.
BEFORE & AFTER: Master Bedroom. The previous owners had a TV in here. We don't want one in this room so we're trying to think of  something cool to make it. Maybe a mini fridge??
BEFORE & AFTER: Master Closet
BEFORE & AFTER: Master Bathroom
BEFORE: Guest Room
AFTER: Guest Room. My friends Katie and Kelly made us this Pinterest-inspired headboard as a wedding gift. 
I love our cozy little backyard.