maebs is a gimp

Poor little Maebe girl dislocated her knee cap. We're not positive how it happened, but it might have when she jumped off our high bed at the beach and fell. She just started walking on three legs every once in a while. We're supposed to keep her from moving too much but how do you keep a puppy from being active?? The vet taught me how to pop it back in place...ick.


close encounters of the stingray kind

Matt and I took a "halfway" spontaneous road trip (we knew we were going to the beach, but didn't know where) down to Bradenton/Anna Maria Island to visit our friend Sarah Jean and Tim, who just had a beautiful baby girl Campbell. We enjoyed spending the whole week together, our longest vacation in over two years. We got to hang with the baby, and see a lot of wildlife (see videos). It was so relaxing and I want to go back next year!


housewarming party

I wish I had more pictures of this event, because Keller Williams did such a fabulous job throwing me and Matt a housewarming party! It was a major success, with about 80 people attending. I hope it will get some good networking and potential business for John Zercher, our wonderful realtor. A big thanks to John's assistant Kelley for handling all the logistics of the party. I told her I was still scarred from wedding planning, and I just couldn't do a big event!


amy and reid got hitched

My friend from middle/high school, Amy, got married! It was such a beautiful wedding, with the ceremony at our alma mater St. Joes, and the reception at The Brickyard in Marietta. She looked stunning and we had so much fun dancing. It was nice to see such a sweet and quiet girl like Amy get all the attention that weekend. Congrats Aimes and Reid! Here are some pics of the event, courtesy of Jensen Rae photography.


favorite emmy dresses

These were my favorite Emmy dresses from Sunday:

Anna Gunn
Anna Faris 
Sofia Vergara
Julie Bowen
Malin Akerman
Kerry Washington
Sarah Hyland 
Rose Byrne
Taylor Schilling
Katrina Bowden



I think Matt and I listened to this song over a dozen times while we were at the beach!


i hope i would react this fast

This video is awesome! The guy is such a badass.