thankful for nothing


DAD: The hair thieves are in Venezuela. They make women put their hair in pony tails then cut them off…and sold for hair extensions. love dad 
ME: Phew 
DAD: This is for real. honest. I wouldn’t be surprised if the same crime soon comes to a city near you. Love dad 
ME: I’ll watch out. Thanks dad 
DAD: Remember you are a prey item, a quarry, a target, a victim for some cold hearted, vicious, non-human. That’s why I mean it when I say ‘safety first’ 

Me: Daddy! Can I please please please have a cat?! 
Dad: We have one already, he comes by every night and visits the trash 

Me: I bought new curtains. 
Mom: Send me a pic 
Me: Sorry it’s blurry 
Mom: #cutecurtains 

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