i said "cap" not "cat"


Me: Are you having a fancy anniversary dinner? 
Dad: Yes. Very. Scallops on a bed of mushrooms and pea risotto. Eating on the veranda overlooking the Pacific Ocean…with my bride by my side. 
Me: Wow on your own veranda? 
Dad: No just a big ass porch. 

DAD: If u evr gt the chance 2 meet justin beaver, tll him to stay away frm u. i dnt want him touching u. 
DAD: ur mom jst taught me how 2 txt. it took me 17 mins 2 rite tht. 
DAD: luv u babycakes 
DAD: i m proud of u 

DAD: Are we bowling? If so, what time? 
ME: Up to you! 
DAD: Umm… whats the bowling vibe? Positive? Indifferent? Negative? On a scale of 1-5. 

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